About The Company


Established in 1986, Tom Binder Fine Arts is now a major art dealer in Southern California. We pride ourselves not only on our galleries, but also as a dealer and publisher. As a dealer we specialize in the secondary art markets, and as a publisher with a growing list of contemporary artists.

Most of our dealings are with national and international art wholesalers; we also conduct retail sales to private, discrete collectors. We have a growing e-commerce presence on the world wide web featuring Alexanderchen.com and the soon to be realized artman.net website. These two sites give us the opportunity to attract new clients and increase contacts worldwide. Our commitment to e-commerce further showcases our ongoing expansion efforts for the future.

We publish and distribute such acclaimed artists as: Alexander Chen, Leo Posillico, Gordon Mitchell, John Stango, Aldo Luongo, and Misha. We specialize in promoting the artist by utilizing our printing, marketing and distribution capabilities, which are then tailored to the individual artist needs. This unique three-tiered tailoring process in many ways is the foundation of our continuing success.

Tom Binder Fine Arts maintains a booth at all nationwide art expos, and exhibits various works at national art and trade show exhibitions.